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About Chernivtsy
Ukraine consists of 25 regions. Each of the regions has its own attractions and one of them is Chernivtsy, famous by its ancient history and beauty. An old good Chernivtsy like an old good England has a great and rich history. It may be divided in a certain way into 2 large territories: old city and new one surely the old part has much to be seen. The aria where Chernivtsy is located is called Bukovina. The name originates from the word “buk” which in English means “beech”, a type of tree with shiny leaves and small nuts. This area is very rich on these trees. But not only beeches grow here also hornbeams, maples, ashes, a lot of silver birches, willows, chestnuts, lime trees, pines, firs, acacias and many-many others. I don’t say about fruit trees and bushes and flowers, because they are so various and there are so many of them everywhere.

Yes, Bukovina is the area of forests, thick and so green. When you are inside of it, it seems as if you are in some unknown kingdom where there is some unseen king who rules this place and makes everyone obey special rules and laws. The forest has a big power, its unusual silence and peace can cure one of some sickness and at the same time one can be frightened of this greatness.

Speaking about the architecture of Chernivtsy, it is beyond any other comparison. Different styles of many centuries have united into one beauty. Each building and house in the old part can tell you much of its time and the people who have built them. One of the best attractions is, of course, our Chernivtsy State University. The author of this architectural chef-d’oeuvre is the Czech architector Joseph Glavka. The builders have been erecting this residence from 1864 till 1882. The decorative works have been done by the Czech, Austrian artists and sculptors. The artists from Bukovina also have dome much for its erecting.

First this building has been destined to be the place for Bukovina Metropolites Residence, and only in 1875 the building has got its other name: University. Its first faculties have been theological, juridical and philosophical. Nowadays there are 14 departments here and it is very prestigious to study at this University. Those who graduate it have good chances to get jobs abroad.

There is much to say about the culture of Chernivtsy and Bukovina in general. It is a very melodious area. Many well-known singers of Ukraine are born in Bukovina, and its music is charming and wonderful. Different nations live here without wars, various cultures exists together very peacefully. It all together makes the area bright, multicoloured, and unusual. Churches of different religious and dominations stand one by one and none dares to disrespect other religious. Here are Orthodox, Catholic, Baptist, Luther, Greek-Catholic, Synagogue and other churches.

Many famous outstanding people have visited Chernivtsy, each in his time. Among them – Italian singer (tenor) Caruso, talented French violinist Jacques Thibaud, Hungarian composer and pianist Liszt and others.
Chernivtsy has always been the center of theatrical and literary life. Here is a number of museums, music-drama theatre named after a Ukrainian authoress Olga Kobylyanska. A lot of great poets and writers lived and created their works in this city of dreams and songs.

Chernivtsy itself lies not far away from the Carpathian Mountains upon the Prut River. About 280 000 people live in the capital of Bukovina. Its name originates from the old slav city Cherni which was founded in the 12Th century by the Prince of Galychyna Yaroslav Osmomysl.

The city and the entire area has been occupied by its foreign enemies. During the Mongolian-Tartar yoke it was left all in ruins. The first records about the city appeared in the year of 1408. Since many historical events have taken place here. Bukovina was occupied by the Hungarians, after them – by the Turkish invaders. For about 150 years it has been in the possession of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. After the World War 1 Rumania took possession of this area (1918-1940). And only in 1940 Bukovina became the part of Ukraine.

The history of not only Ukraine is long, complicated and full of events. Each nation has much to say about its land, people, its beauties, sorrow, treasures and one cannot state that some certain country, nation is better than others, we all are equal, we all are the people of God, we have one sun to warm and one world to live in.