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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What do I need to come to Ukraine?
If you are a citizen of your country, you don’t need visa to visit our country any more. No visa is required from the USA since summer 2005. No visa required for citizens of UK and most of European countries. However, there are some countries citizens of which still need visa to come to Ukraine, and some of countries still require an official invitation before you can get a visa to enter Ukraine. For example, Australian citizens still need visa to come to Ukraine, but we can easily provide our Australian visitors with help and of course, all the visitors need valid passport. It takes a couple of weeks to get a passport, so it is better to take care of this beforehand.

2. How do I get to your city Chernivtsy?
We have flights daily into our city. It is only 1 hour and a half to fly from Kiev to Chernivtsy. We also offer you professional driving services should you wish to drive to our city, if the time of your arrival to Kiev doesn’t let you connect with the flight to Chernivtsy. In this case the professional driver will come to meet you in the airport of Lvov or Kiev depending on which one you will arrive. Then you will drive back to Chernivtsy. Should your flight not arrive in time, we can provide you with a hotel in Kiev as well as transportation.

3. How long does this take to get to Chernivtsy by car?
From Kiev – about 6-7 hours depending on the season and weather, from Lvov – 4 hours.

4. Where should I fly?
To Kiev or Lvov – these are the closest cities to Chernivtsy.

5. How does meeting with girls go?
You come and meet with the girl you were corresponding with. If your girl doesn’t speak good English, we provide you with help of interpreter. Then you see how your relations work and decide upon your future. If your relations don’t work, it is possible for you to meet with some other girls of the Agency whom you will choose from the Agency’s Catalogue.

6. If everything is well with my girl, what are my next steps?
You get engaged with your girl, ask her parents for their blessing, if you and she would develop special feelings towards each other. After that we can start with preparing papers for your girl’s fiancée visa right from here.

7. Is there any crime in your city?
As to the question about crime in our city, you shouldn’t worry at all. Our city is not criminal city!!! Actually, Ukraine is not so criminal country and even if we have mafia and crime somewhere, it can be in big cities, such as Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, etc. Our city is not large and it is absolutely safe to stay here. Every year we have a lot of foreign visitors and nothing bad happened to them. Besides, except your girl, interpreter and driver will be with you for your safety.

8. What is required to bring my fiancée to my country?
It is possible by preparing fiancée visa for your lady. There is this kind of visa almost in all countries except Canada. For Canadian men it is required to get married here.

9. How long does it take to bring my fiancée to my country?
It depends on the country where you apply for the fiancée visa. For USA, Australia it takes about 8 months. Visa to United Kingdom is prepared faster, during 2-3 months period of time.

10. How could I send flowers or some gift for my girl?
You could use our services of flower’s and gift’s delivery. We will deliver your ordered present to your girl in time with the card from your name.

11. Are all the girls from the Agency are from Chernivtsy?
Yes, all of them are from Chernivtsy or our region.

12. How could I speak to my girl on the phone?
You could arrange date and time with your girl and call to the Agency to speak with her. There is interpreter there for you to help if your girl doesn’t speak English. It is absolutely free for you.

13. How can I make a contact with a lady in your Catalogue?
Choose ladies you liked most from our Women’s Catalogue and Contact Us about the ladies you have chosen. We     show your profile to the ladies you have chosen. We then return names of the ladies who are interested in you. You then write an introduction letter and send it with your pictures. Place the names of the ladies chosen in the subject box of your e-mail. The girls will get your letters addressed directly to them and will write a response. We guarantee a response to each letter you send. Even if girls are not interested you will receive a kind reply.

14. What makes your service better than the others?
In couple of words, we go to great lengths to introduce quality women in personalized service. Our goal is not quantity but quality.

15. Can I use my credit card in Ukraine?
Yes, however, we recommend that you bring a combination of cash and credit cards, or Traveler’s checks. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at many restaurants and shops It is not a problem to get cash from credit cards as there are plenty of banks in Chernivtsy and ATM machines Be aware, that ATM charge 3 per cent per transaction.

16. Do I need cash in Ukraine? How can I exchange money to the local currency?
Typically we  use cash (Ukrainian hrivnas) in the Ukraine. In most places local currency is standard. US dollars are not usually accepted. However there are many currency exchange offices available. It is easy to exchange dollars for hrivnas (UAH).

17. How can I make a payment for the Agency’s services, gifts, or a deposit for my visit?
There are several ways for you to make payment:

  1. Transfer money to the dollars account (contact us for a direct Bank deposit). This is easy for you to transfer money from your account to ours using your bank. But it may take up to 5 days for the money to arrive to account.
  2. You can transfer money from your credit card to our visa card. Please, contact us for providing you with necessary information.
  3. Use Western Union or Money Gram services for a quick transfer.  Money will be available the same day but you will pay higher per cent.

If you have any other questions, contact us now.

18. Where can I get more information about what is required to visit Ukraine or what I need to bring my fiancée to my country?
You can find all the necessary information on the Embassy’s web-sites.

Please, find below information about foreign Embassies in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian Embassies in foreign countries, should you need to contact them.

Foreign Embassies in Ukraine

Embassy of the USA in Ukraine

Yuriya Kotsiubynskoho 10
Ukraine, Kiev 04053 
tel: (+ 380 44) 244-73-49, 246-97-50, 490-40-00
fax: (+ 380 44) 490-40-85, 244-73-50
Consular Section
6 Mykoly Pymonenka Street
Ukraine, Kyiv 01901 
tel: (+ 380 44) 490-44-22
fax: (+ 380 44) 236-48-92

Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine

9 Desyatinna Street
Ukraine, Kyiv 01025
tel: (+ 380 44) 462-00-11, 462-00-12
fax: (+ 380 44) 462-00-13
site: http://www.britemb-ukraine.net

Embassy of Canada in Ukraine

31 Yaroslaviv Val Street
Ukraine, Kyiv 01901
tel: (+ 380 44) 464-11-44
Visa department
tel: (+ 380 44) 464-11-44
fax: (+ 380 44) 464-11-30
site: http://www.canadaeuropa.gc.ca/ukraine/   

General Consulate of Australia in Kiev, Ukraine
18/137 Comintern Street
Kiev, Ukraine 01032
tel / fax: (8 044) 235 - 7586, 235 - 4481 

Ukrainian Embassies in foreign countries

Embassy of Ukraine in USA
3350 M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
tel: (202) 333 - 0606, 349 - 2920
fax: (202) 333 - 0817

Consulate General of Ukraine in New York

240 East 49 Street 
New York, USA 10017
tel: (212) 371 - 5690 
fax: (212) 371 - 5547 

Embassy of Ukraine in Canada (Ottawa)
310 Somerset Street
West Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P OJ9
tel: (1613) 230 - 2961
fax: (1613) 230 - 2400

Embassy of Ukraine in England (London)
60 Holland Park
London, England  W11 3SJ
tel: (020) 7727 - 6312,  7243 - 8923 (Visa Section)
fax: (020) 7792 - 1708,  7727 - 3567 (Visa Section)

Embassy of Ukraine in Australia  
Level 12, St. George Centre, 60 Marcus Clarke Street
Canberra, Australia ACT 2601
tel: (612) 6230 - 5789
fax: (612) 6230 - 7298
hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 13.00, 14.00 - 18.00


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