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Iaroslava 63

My name is Iaroslava.
I was born on the 6th of February, 1958, in Ivano-Frankivsk. And I still live there.
I am a fair-haired woman with brown eyes. My height is 5,4” and my weight is 115 lb.
My specialty is a goods manager, but now I work for a local newspaper. I like my job very much.
At the same time I think that it`s necessary for every person to have a hobby, the things which we are really interested in and what we are good at. It lets us show our worth and become aware of the importance and usefulness of our life.
I am new in this search. Not long ago I decide to look for my soul mate abroad. After years of loneliness I feel like finding a person to share my life with. I`ve followed the advice of my friend and joined the dating agency, located in Chernivtsy. This city is located not far from the town where I live. As my English is not perfect, they help me with the translation of my letters. Besides, I have no computer of my own, so it`s very convenient to me.
As far as my interests are concerned my favorite occupation is riding a horse and running. Besides I adore reading and going to the theatre. I can`t help but agree with Shakespear`s saying “ All the world is a stage.” Unfortunately, nowadays people are extremely busy and find it more convenient to seat themselves comfortably in front of a TV-set and enjoy themselves without leaving their houses. But as for me I am a real theater-goer.
I like listening to nice music. Joe Cocker is my favorite singer.
I prefer to associate with clever and polite people. I hate when somebody whom I trust turns out to be unreliable. My life motto is “ Treat people so as you want them to treat you”. I love and respect my friends and people who are precious to me. I want them to be proud of me. So, I always try to do my best to be a careful friend and a nice human being.
I always try to get pleasure from small things. I am sure that even making long-termed plans we have to live today and to appreciate every moment of living.
My first marriage failed. And actually I lost any hope to find a caring and family-oriented husband in Ukraine. That is why I made up my mind to look for my second half abroad.
I want my future husband to be kind, goal-oriented, frank, sincere. I would like him to possess a sense of humor. Humor is very important in up-to-date world. It is necessary to have enough sense of humor to deal with all the injustices of our life.