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Svetlana 46

My name is Svetlana and I am divorced. Unfortunately I was unlucky with my first marriage, which left rather unpleasant memories in me. That is why I hope to find my right man in another country now and to be happy.
My Birthday is on the 17th of March 1975. My star sign is Pisces.
If to talk about my appearance, I am 58 (172 sm) high, my weight is 140 lbs (64 kg).
I have black hair and beautiful hazel eyes.
I was born in Ukraine, and now live in the beautiful city of the Western part of Ukraine called Chernivtsy. I have got Higher education here, and I am economist by profession. But currently I work as a hair-dresser. I like my job very much.
I have very light character. I am very easy-going, kind, sincere, with a good sense of humor, communicable and joyful person. I think that I am very agreeable. I am optimistic and cheerful person. I am a very faithful and want to meet a man with whom we could spend all our life together.
I like to lead an active and healthy style of life. I like traveling.
I like nature very much, on weekends I like to go to the country if the weather is nice.
I like to do work around the house, I can even say that I adore it I like to cook, to bake, to knit, to sew and to embroider. I am a good housewife, and I like to clean my home and arrange comfort in it. I am very hospitable and welcome and my house is always open for my friends and family. In the evenings I like to read, to listen to the good music (I like different styles of it, it mostly depends on my mood). What concerns reading, I like to read different kinds of books especially Russian classics.
My favorite kind of sport is swimming. My favourite season is spring, because the nature awakes up after the long winter and everything starts to blossom.
My favourite color is sunny, yellow colour. Roses are my favourite flowers.
I like to communicate with people and have a lot of friends.
I have a son, Roman, he is 14 years old. He goes to school, 8-th form. His hobby is sport (karate). He is a very good pupil and a very nice boy, so I am proud of him.
I am looking for sincere, kind, clever, honest, generous, smart, faithful, tolerant, intelligent man with a good sense of humor. I dream to meet a person who would become for me a best friend, a husband and adviser. I also want him to love children and be able to accept my son as his own.