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Iryna 44

My name is Iryna and I would like to tell you a little more about myself.
My Birthday is on the 27th of August 1976. My star sign is Virgo.
If to talk about my appearance, I am 5í3Ē (158 cm) high; my weight is 130 lbs (60 kg).
I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
I was born in Ukraine, and now live in the picturesque town of the Western part of Ukraine called Chernivtsy. I have got Higher education in Chernivtsy University. My specialty is philology. Now I work as a travel agent in the tour agency.
I am divorced and I have a daughter, Ksenya, she is 7 years old. She goes to school, 2nd form. Her hobby is dancing and music. She is a very good pupil and a very nice girl, so I am proud of her.
I am a calm person. My friends say that I have a very easy-going character. I am very kind, sincere, and communicable person. I think that I am very agreeable. I am optimistic and joyful.
I am also a very faithful and want to meet a man with whom we could spend all our life together.
I live in the town which is situated in the Carpathian Mountains, so I like nature very much. I like picnics with my friends.
I am a good housewife. I like to do work around the house. I like to keep coziness of my home. I like to cook and to bake. I am very hospitable.
When I have some free time I also like to read a good book. I like to read different genres of books. But most of all I like to read classical literature and detectives.
I like to listen to the good music. I canít name my favorite music style. It mostly depends on my mood. One of my main hobbies is knitting and embroidering. I like to knit and embroider for my family and for my friends.
I like animals very much, especially cats. I have a pet cat.
My favorite season is summer, because it is a very beautiful time of the year. Besides, it is when I have my Birthday 
My favorite colors are blue, red and white. I like field flowers, and roses.
I am very sociable person and like to communicate with people. I have many friends.
Concerning my family, I have only mother. My father died. My mother is 61 years old. She is retired. Iím the only child in the family.
I live with my daughter and mother.
I dream to meet a person who would become for me a best friend and husband. I also want him to love children and be able to accept my daughter as his own.