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Nelia 47

My name is Nelia.
I was born and live in Chernivtsy, Western Ukraine. I was born on October 4th, 1973. My start sign is Libra.
I am divorced for several years and I have two children. My son Pawel is 17 years old at the moment. And my daughter Olha is 21. Both of my children are not married yet. However, as you can see they are grown up already and almost independent children. I spent most of my life on bringing up a good nice people from them. Now I think I have right to take care of my personal happiness.
A little bit more about me.
My height is 55 (164 cm) and my weight is 140 lb (64 kg). I have dark chestnut hair and grey-green eyes.
I studied at the College of Economics and I am economist by my education. At the moment I work as a entrepreneur.
I have a calm, kind, joyful, light and easy-going character. I am frank, faithful woman with good sense of humor. I love life, children, and people. I am not afraid of work. I like to learn new things. I have an inquiring nature.
I have no bad habits. I have many friends.
I have wide interests. I like arts, growing flowers, fitness, swimming. I also love cooking very much. I like reading (psychological books and detectives). As for the music I love rock.
My favorite color is turquoise. My favorite kinds of sport are skiing and figure skating.
Summer is my favorite season because it is very warm ad colorful time of the year.
I like cats. I have two cats at home Lola and Lyaly.
My favorite food is fruits, and salads.
I enjoy my life, but I am lacking a man who would become my Love, my best friend, husband and support in everything.