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Natalia 45

Hello, my name is Natalia.
Just recently I became a member of Dating Agency that is located in little West Ukraine city Chernivtsy, the city where I live and work.
I am very serious about finding my love and creating happy and strong family. I have already been married but my family failed, as only I was interested in strengthening of the family ties and relations. My ex appeared to be not family-oriented and decided that he would feel better being a free man.
But I am looking back with gratefulness to my marriage as I have got my daughter in it. Her name is Nina and she is 13 years old, she is going to school. She adores drawing and we are the best friends with her.
As to myself, I was born on the 12th of May 1976. By my constellation I am Taurus.
I possess characteristic traits for this sign. I am light person who values faithfulness and honesty. I love life and good sense of humor. I am kind, tender, calm and caring. I am also very devoted and would do my best to defend the happiness of my beloved and my family.
As to my appearance I am not very tall, I am 57 high and my weight is 135 lbs. I have blonde hair and grey eyes.
As to my interests and likes they are as following: I like to read and to listen to the music. I also like cinema and different fine arts.
In music I like different kind and trends starting with classic music up to pop and jazz. The only thing I do not like heavy music.
My favorite books are adventurous novels and love stories. I also like to read historical novels and detectives. I love Russian poetry, and my other favourite writer is Jack London.
With all this I like sport no less, I like to keep myself fit. I like swimming. I like to travel and be active.
I always try to organize comfort anywhere I am I like when my dear people feel convenient and nice. Among my hobbies is also playing the piano.
As all Ukrainian women I like to cook especially to bake.
My favourite colors are blue, green and yellow. My favourite flowers are tulips, lilies of the valley and golden daisies.
Well, now a little about my education. I have graduated from the Medical College and got the profession of a nurse, I work in the hospital.
I decided to search in the Internet to find my soul mate who would love me, respect and understand and to whom I would pay with the same. I long to love and be loved as I feel that my heart is filled with love. I would like my second half to be kind and honest, responsible, tender and caring, devoted faithful and loving, secure physically and materially.