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"Dating-Ukraine" agency represents Ukrainian ladies from 18 up 55 of different social status. These ladies are not only lovely but also highly educated, cultured and family oriented. They like a cozy home and want to create a happy family, they want to love and be loved.


Dear gentlemen,

Our agency wishes you Good luck!

If you are lucky and your favorite lady says "YES" to you, - our sincere congratulations. And for thousands of men who are eager to meet "The woman of their dreams", who are serious, marriage minded and ready to come to Chernivtsy, our agency offers a full line of services to help them through every step of the matchmaking process.

We guarantee:

  • Our representatives, who speak English, will greet you at the airport of Kiev or Lviv, arrival hall, just as you clear customs.
  • Transport to and from airports in Kiev and Lviv; to/from airport in Chernivtsy.
  • Private apartments (1,2 rooms), food in cafes or restaurants with National or European cuisine.
  • Arranging meetings with ladies.
  • Interpreter's and professional driver’s service.
  • Organizing engagement/wedding parties.
  • Filling out documents for Fiancee visa/Marriage visa (gathering the information concerning your fiancée and putting it into Fiancee/Marriage visa documents and then later legalization of the documents of your fiancée/wife for her interview in the Embassy).
  • During your stay in Chernivtsy, you will have an opportunity to see the city, visit famous historical places, cultural centers, museums, theatre, Philharmonic Society, University etc.
  • Our visitors can experience a lovely journeys to famous historical places outside of the city, like Hotin and Kamianets Podilsk fortresses, famous mountains resorts in Yaremcha and Kosiv.
  • We will do our best to make your stay in Ukraine the most effective and unforgettable.

Please, find prices for our services in the services’ section.

Our services:


We offer to our clients comfortable private apartments located in quiet area of city center, in the very heart of our city, or in the modern part of the city. Apartments are located in the best area of the city close to the stores and cafes. All apartments have kitchens where you could cook romantic dinners with your lady in the evenings. You will have all the conveniences in apartment. And this private atmosphere will make your staying especially pleasant and unforgettable.

We offer our apartments for only 80$ per night. If you stay in apartment for more than 10 days we give you good discount.


The closest to us airport are located in Kiev and Lviv. Our professional driver will meet you in the airport of your arrival together with our interpreter and will bring you to our city. Your trip will be safe and comfortable. It takes only 6 hours to get here from Kiev airport, and 4 hours from Lviv airport.

We offer transportation from/to airport in Kiev for 285$ for one way trip. In Lviv for 180$ for one way trip.

Interpreter’s services:

With help of our professional interpreters you will never have problems communicating with your lady, if her English is not enough for free communication with help.

With our interpreters you will feel comfortable and won’t have to worry about anything, as they will be always with you to help you with advice or as your guide and of course, with this help you will be able to communicate with your lady without any problems.

Interpreter’s service costs 50$ per day (in this case interpreter will be with you for all the time you need during a day).

If you feel, that it is not necessary to have interpreter for all the time, you can hire her for some hours, in this case one hour of interpreter’s service costs 10$ per hour.

Driver’s service:

You can rent a car with driver, who will drive you anywhere during the day around the city for only 35$ per day.


We have some interesting places here which we offer to visit to our visitors. There are many beautiful places out of our town. One of the most favorite places is Yaremche - picturesque health resort in Carpathian Mountains. It's located 120 kilometers far from our town. Many tourists from different countries like to visit this place. Excursion there by our Agency's car costs 120$.

There are some ancient fortresses built in 12 - 14th centuries not far from our town, located in the towns of Hotin and Kamianets Podilsk. Excursion there costs 80$. You can visit both fortresses at the same time as they are located on the same way.

You can also visit very nice tourist complex located in the mountains in the town named Kosiv, and enjoy fresh air and a lot of actives like playing billiard, riding a horse, working our as there is health center there, also fishing, hiking, and of course, tasty dishes of real Ukrainian cuisine. Excursion there costs 80$. It is also possible to go to that place for a couple of nights with your fiancée, we can order comfortable wooden cottages for you to stay when you are there.

Preparation of documents for fiancée visa:

Agency’s fee for preparing the documents for your lady in case of your engagement– 700$.

 If you decided to get engaged or married with your lady, we then help our ladies to put all necessary papers in order for preparing fiancee Visas. Most of our ladies are young women, some of them are students of institutes, universities or high schools or if they work, they don’t get big salaries, and so they have no enough money to pay for services of my Agency. That is why the correspondence services are free for ladies of the Agency before they find their men.

Later, after men come to visit their girls from my Agency and if they get engaged or married with them, they pay 700$ fee which includes preparing documents for their girl’s visa, and this sum also includes their continued correspondence till the moment when girl has to leave for her husband. But this sum is paid only in case you will choose a girl in the Agency, in other case you don’t pay anything. We usually provide girls and their men with help till the very end, when girl finally goes to her man.

Translation of letters:

Correspondence service is free in our Agency for both, men and girls, before men come to see them. Then in case of your engagement or marriage, you pay the Agency’s fee which includes correspondence fee too as well as fee for preparing the documents.

But in case you are here already but not ready to make a decision during your first visit, but liked your lady and would like to continue correspondence with her and meet again with time, you don’t pay the Agency’s fee, as you don’t make documents this time, but will have to pay for your continued correspondence the sum of 250$. This sum is paid if you already met with girl but didn’t make decision and wasn’t ready to start the documents’ process but liked your girl and wanted to continue with your girl.

Please, note, that you pay nothing for correspondence before you come here and meet with your girl. You pay nothing in case your relations with your girl didn’t work when you are already here and you didn’t choose any girl for you from the Agency if you used Agency’s services for your visit.

With any questions about our services or making your trip, please, write to I will be glad to answer to all your questions and give you any help for making your trip possible.

When you know the dates of your visit, please, contact me about the services you would like to use for me to organize your staying here.