Local time: 19.04.21 01:04 pm  

Dearest Maria,
I am a former client named Robert Drane, after seven year hope you still remember me.  You introduced me to Ivanna Drahan, we have been happily married all this time.  All is well and I can not be more happy. As you told me from the beginning she is a very good hearted moral Lady that I can trust with my life. Each year that goes by I find I am more in love with her. So after these many years I am still thankful to you for the introduction and services you provided. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful Angel as Ivanna.
Just wanted to say thank you and if you ever need a recommendation would be happy to do so.  Thank you for all you have done for us. 

Sincerely Robert Drane,
USA (2002)


How I met My Sun.

Many have told me that I am an adventuresome person. Perhaps they are correct, because meeting Maiia was an adventure, a very special adventure. Destiny or fate was playing a hand in Maiia’s and my future.  After some failed travel arrangements, I traveled to Chernovtsy via a 22 hour bus ride.  The dating agency’s represantative met me at the bus stop. Arriving early, I had to stay at a temporary apartment. It is difficult to know what to expect from an agency, but the owner Maria always responded to my letters promptly and made arrangements for me with little warning. Shortly after arriving I was introduced to the translator for the agency, Lubov. I was taken care of well, both from my accommodations and services, such as translation. I felt comfortable with the agency before and more importantly, when I arrived. My relations with the girl I was corresponding with before didn’t work and thru a period of bad luck, Lubov the translator was to keep me company. Then one day I met Maiia, who was the member of the Agency as well but whom I didn’t notice in the Agency’s files while looking through girls’ pictures for the first time. Lubov helped us with interpreter’s services, she was my translator during my stay in Chernivtsy. Sometimes conversations between English and Russian get confused but everything we talked about that evening was interesting, as I was not from Ukraine. Most women in Ukraine are attractive, as was Maiia, but what is hard to find is your own personal beauty with the person you like. Maiia had many natural, simple qualities that I found very interesting, and attractive. The night ended and Lubov and Maiia left. Later I was asked what I thought about Maiia, I responded by saying she was a very nice lady. And of course, I said that “YES” I would like to see her again if she would like me to. Maiia and I went on a couple dates with Lubov as our translator, but Maiia could speak enough English for us to communicate, so we eventually went out without Lubov. Maiia had a son, Bohdan, and it was important for me to meet him, so Maiia, Bohdan and I went to the cinema, to get acquainted with Bohdan. It was here holding Maiia’s hand that I realized and felt a special connection with Maiia. After the cinema, Maiia and Bohdan went home and I was to see Maiia again that night for dinner. After Maiia went home, I decided to buy and engagement ring for her. That night, shortly after sitting down for dinner, I asked Maiia to marry me, and she said yes :) Maiia is a very wonderful lady, as beautiful outside as she is on the inside and like the sun; she brings life to my every day.

James J Beling (April, 2006).


My name is Tom Ross and I recently visited the Ukraine. All the arrangements and service was
supplied by Dating Agency, run by Maria in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. This was an amazing  experience for me. All of the arragements were excellent. I appriciate the  extra care that I needed. I recomend this agency to anyone especially my unmarried friends. This agency will go the extra mile for you.
I was met at the airport by a driver and an interpeter. The interpeter helped me the whole of my visit. She was available at anytime I needed an interpeter. I met my chosen Lady on the first day I was there.  I have been coresponding with this lady through the agency. There are no scams at this agency. I have had a good experience.

Thomas Ross (October 2006).


Hi, my name is Charles and I would like to share my experience with Maria's Dating Agency with everyone that is interested so that you my fine that one special person the same way that I did.

I am a 38 year old male from the south eastern part of the United States.
I have dated many women over the years to have gone from one bad relationship to another and all leading in the same direction.....nowhere.
I was confused with where my future was headed but I knew for sure that Iwanted to meet a special woman and become married with a happy family. As many American men should already know that it's not easy to meet good women in our society and for the most part, being able to trust who you have decided to spend your future with.

I suppose that my journey all started when one of my best friends married a women from the Ukraine. She quickly became a good friend of mine and told me a lot about her country. It was then when I learned that Ukrainian women were different than women here in America. The main difference is that Ukrainian women are more family oriented. By having this trait makes them special and it's also what gives them the drive to want a strong loving family. It was at this point where I decided to start my own search by checking the Internet to see what services were
available. My friend started giving me advise of some of the sites that he had used in the past and I quickly learned that women that were not with an agency were more likely to scam someone. With this in mind I just kept on writing until one day it just happen. As you see, I had written
to one lady that was with an agency however she was already engaged and left my letter and profile on a table to be found by another that was interested. She quickly responded to me and told me how she had found information. We wrote to each other for many months and my friends wife had started planing a trip back to the Ukraine to visit her family. It was at this time when my friend came to me and asked if I was willing to fly back with her. This was the opportunity that I had been looking for and it also gave me the chance to meet the lady that I had been writing.
I must add that at the time Maria did not have a web site and all of her ladies profiles were located onto a national singles site. This is the only thing that made me feel uneasy at the time due to not being able to confirm that it was an actual agency.

I booked my flights at a local travel agency and wrote to maria's e-mail address. She quickly sent me a price list as for the cost of the trip from the Kiev airport to the city of Chernivtsy and for all other accommodations. The prices seemed to be very reasonable and she was also able to provide everything including an interpreter. I departed form the United States and landed in Kiev on the 29th day of April 2005. I was retrieved by Lubov which is Maria's interpreter. She helped me with gathering my luggage and to finding the driver that was waiting in the parking lot. The trip across the country was long but not boring due to Lubov being able to speak wonderful English and the setting of the countryside was something to see. Once we arrived at the apartment I was helped inside and shown where everything was located by Lubov before she left. The next morning she returned with Oksana and we prepared coffee and talked to each and got acquainted before leaving the apartment. Due to it being Easter on the 30th of April we went to Oksana's parents home and celebrated the holiday with everyone there. After it was over Lubov asked me what I thought about Oksana. It was sad to say that things were not working out with the lady that I had been writing to for so long. On the same afternoon Lubov told me not to worry because we were going over to see Maria at her office. Upon arrival Maria was very polite and understanding that things just didn't work out however she told me not worry about because she had many women with her agency. I was handed several large profile books containing photos. At this point I was somewhat confused as to whom to meet so I just simply told Maria a little about myself and the type of lady that I was seeking. Maria quickly opened one of the books and pointed out a photo of a lady and told me that her name was Olga. It was hard for me to believe at the time that Maria could just talk to someone for a few minutes and know which lady would be a perfect match for me. I was then asked if I was willing to meet with her and give it a try. At this moment I told Maria yes, I would like to meet Olga and see how everything goes. She then quickly contacted Olga by telephone and told her that there was someone in her office
wanting to meet her and also asked her how she felt about it. Olga was just fine with the idea and we got to meet each other on the same afternoon at my apartment. Lubov helped interpret our conversation during our meeting and many questions were asked from both sides and there were
no problems with us getting acquainted. It was like a dream come true for me all at once and I also learned that it happen on her birthday too.

The next meeting was on the following day. I was taken by car to her apartment and she brought her son Vadim along with us for the outing. I will never forget this moment !. He entered the rear of the car between Olga and myself and remained silent for a few miles until he decided to ask me a question. The question was what I did for a living. I told him that I was a police officer in the United States. Lubov turned around in the passenger front seat and translated my answer to him. Vadim then replied, no I dont believe it !. I then handed him my identification from my wallet. He then replied, I believe him now !. Vadim then moved over closer towards me and continued to look up at my expressions for the remainder of the trip. We all had a wonderful dinner at an outdoors restaurant and later returned to my apartment to watch a movie and talk.
On the day of my leaving the Ukraine I told Olga that I was going to stay in contact with her and we would give it some time before I would ask how she feels about the possibility of coming to America and getting married. I simply felt at the moment that I did not want to rush her in any way and to have her afraid of not knowing what to expect so fast.

As several months passed, I finally asked her how she felt about it and she told me that she was ready for us to be together. I then started the paper process and later discovered it was held up in Texas for 6 months. We are still waiting for her interview at the Embassy in Kiev and it's now been almost 1 year. I am projecting that we will finally be together sometime during the month of December 2006. It has been a long hard waiting period for us both !.

If you have read this true story and truthfully know in all your heart that you are willing to go that extra mile find that one special person to share your life with, please remember one important thing. Finding the right agency will be the key to your success. I can personally say that I have spoken to Maria face to face in her office you can trust her complete staff as well. She has always been prompt with any questions asked by e-mail and she is always willing to help you in any way possible.
Maybe this agency will help you like it has helped me. 

Charles Crispe (September, 2006).


I have used this dating agency and have nothing but good things to say about the agency and owner. I have met Maria, some of the people that work for her. This is a straight up legit business. I was in the Ukraine just recently and was treated with nothing but respect. Maria emailed me letting me know what to expect during my stay and everything was as stated. No hidden agenda with this agency, all of my questions were answered prior to my visit.
While I was there I meet with several other American men, who where using her agency to find their significant other, and I was inquiring as to what they thought of the service (it was my second day there), and like me they had no complaints. Just to let you know, I have been communicating with one of Maria’s girls since March, and in October I decided it was time to visit the agency and my girl, which I would recommend more people to do rather than worry about what other people think, treat it as a vacation. My trip went extremely well, I stayed in a nice flat, the translators that Maria has are really good, and I was definitely able to get my feelings to my girl, and vice versa. Now I am happily married with the girl from this Agency. Julia and I are very happy together. We live happily for three years already and have a baby together.

Todd and Julia (date of visit - October, 2002)


I used this Agency and it delivered on everything promised. My interpreter was excellent and the drivers were real gentleman. And while not the Ritz, the apartment was nice too and it had a billiard room to boot.
The 1st girl I met I had no chemistry with, but the next day Maria introduced me to the woman that is now my wife. So I'd have to say that I'm a satisfied customer.
I also meet Maria’s husband and family and had breakfast at their apartment. She also let me use her computer for emailing and to keep up on the news.
So on the whole, I'd have to say she is honest and trustworthy...aloha

Stan (April, 2002)


Natasha and I met in Chernivtsy, Ukraine, about five years ago. The first meeting was coordinated through Maria's referral service. First I would like to talk about the service. The company is a very professional well organized company that really helps in meeting people. Not every meeting works out well just like any where else. What it does do is help people get together and see if things can work out. In our case we meet initially in Chernivtsy and the overall meeting went well. I used a translator and most of the services provided by Maria. This was just the beginning of our relationship. I continued to send letters to the agency for Natasha to get and translate. We continued to meet for about the next two years, as at the moment I couldn’t offer Natasha common life yet because of my work oversees. So our next meeting was on a trip to Krakow. On this trip Maria had arranged for a drive to drive Natasha to Krakow and back. While in Krakow we got engaged. Then we met in Sharm el Sheikh and Thailand, all of this was due to my work overseas. And all the times Maria offered her help in driving Natasha to airport etc. After being engaged for about a year we got married. The wedding was done very quickly in Chernivtsy and then we went off on our honeymoon which was a trip to America. Finally we settled down for a year in Kuwait. After this the company I was with wanted to move me to Afghanistan which I did not take. Right now we are back in America and everything is going very well. We have been married for 3 and a half years. Every thing is going well and we are very happy.
Thanks to Maria and her professional services.

Adam Gibson, USA (December, 2006)


My name is Jim and I would like to thank the entire staff of Pure Hearts Dating Agency for all their help and support during my visit to the Ukraine. Their high levels of professionalism, competence, courtesy and caring were greatly appreciated. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to visit the Ukraine to find their soul mate that they enlist this Agency’s services. You will not regret that decision. I wish that all single men looking for their soul mate would simply visit the Ukraine. They will experience a remarkable, vibrant culture. It was a pleasure to experience the people, culture, history and hospitality of the Ukraine during my visit. I believe that anyone whom visits the Ukraine will go home as a changed person, with a whole new perspective on life.
I had a wonderful time and always found the people to be warm, kind friendly and hospitable. I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful, sweet, kind, warm and wonderful woman who I fully intend to marry at some point this year. Without Maria’s help and support our love could not have materialized. Her agency offers a very important service that I wish every single man could experience. So leave all your doubts, fears and concerns behind you and take that journey to a new and bright future and I can promise you that you will never regret the day you decided to go to the Ukraine and visit Maria and staff in Chernivtsy.
Many thanks from Jim in Scotland,

Jim Mc. Gregor, Scotland (January, 2006)


I would like to say to all the men that wish to find a special lady from another country that Ukraine is the place to find the lady of your dreams. I know from my own experiences. I met the lady of my dreams in Chernivtsy Ukraine. Maria and her employees are some of the most honest people I have ever met. I was well taken care     of from the time I arrived at the airport in Kiev until I got on my flight to leave. I was met by an interpreter at the airport, and every step of the way, Maria made sure things went well. But, the best thing of all was meeting the love of my life, Vita. So, men, if you are not sure about this dating service, I can tell you that it is real and you should let Maria and her staff help you find the lady of your dreams...you owe it to yourselves! Thank you, Maria, for all your help and kindness!                                                                                                                               

James Looney, USA (July, 2007)

This is great and Maria is wonderful. She knows all her girls very well and no scammers on her site. I have been there and have nothing but praise for her. I often wonder how she exists with the small amount of money for her service. Yes, I have done my home work, met her in person and seen her operation. I know that mostly it is a labor of love for her. The smaller city girls have huge advantages. You will not be sorry here. Oh yes, I am bringing my girl home in a few months!
I have been talking to my lady for a year, sending huge letters too. The translator has had her work cut out for her. Never have I been charged for it. For my lady to write and receive my letter has been free of charge. Hay she does not charge by address, per letter, or communications. She is more than fair and a lot of bang for the buck. I admire her very much!

Todd (August, 2006)


Finding the love of you life is not a simple thing but the Maria Dorina Agency “Pure Hearts” can make your search easier. If you are looking for a lady of quality and an Agency that provides honest and professional services, from personal experience, I’d highly recommend the Maria Dorina Agency, “PureHeartsDating.com”.
Every lady is personally interviewed before being allowed to become a client of the Maria Dorina Agency so you know you are not being scammed by ladies looking for a sugar daddy. Her clients are generally professional employed and of the highest standards.
When I went to meet my lady I was highly impressed by the level of professionalism and courtesy shown me. The agency has done the home work to provide you with all you will need from the first introduction to your ladies arrival in your country. You can have confidence in this agency.
Your letters are free until you actually meet your lady and you will be impressed with the high level of translation unlike many agency’s that often miss translating a word here or there. The Maria Dorina Agency takes personal pride in their work which impressed me. During my stay I found the agency and its services available to me at all times.
From your arrival to your departure from Ukraine the Maria Dorina Agency has services available to you that you not have any unexpected or unpleasant surprises. You can read about these services on the site where everything is explained.
Be sure to tour the city and Do Not Forget to take your Camera, wherever you go! Not only will you want to shoot the sites but there is generally a friendly face nearby willing to take a picture of you and your lady.
If you are lucky to meet a lady like mine, it will be heart wrenching to have to leave without her but know, the Maria Dorina Agency, should you opt to use the service will have all documents prepared quickly and professionally to get your lady to you as quickly as possible.
One thing I would suggest to the, would be visitor, is to rent a cell phone that in case of an emergency you can reach the agency and get help. First ask the agency if they have a phone to rent. It is better to pay a couple dollars a day, plus time used, than to one time have a problem.
As I wait for the love of my life to come to me, it is obvious that I am a happy client of the Maria Dorina Agency, “PureHeartsDating.com”.
Thanks, Maria Dorina,
Lee Lapham
Michigan, USA (November, 2006).


Hello, my name is Mark, just an ordinary American man searching for love and companionship just like everyone else that is reading my story I guess. But I think my story might be a little different than most because I found the woman of my dreams in a way I would never have believed was possible for me. Not only would I have believed it was not possible for me, I would have never allowed it to happen in the first place had it not been because of two very special ladies. More about that in my story. So I will begin…..

I guess my story begins with my divorce in 2001 and my first trip to the Ukraine. A good friend of mine was engaged to a girl in the Ukraine and I went along to be the best man at their wedding and it was that trip that I fell in love with the Ukraine and all of her magical charms. From Kiev to Crimea I found myself totally mezmerized by the charms of this wonderful and beautiful country. I met a girl back then but she ended up not being the one for me. We knew each other for three years and I made many trips to the Ukraine to see her, but our age differences were just too much to overcome. But it was from that experience that I discovered if I was going to be married again, then I wanted my new wife to be from this country with all of it’s charms and history, traditions and beauty. Of course I must also admit that I believe the most beauiful woman in the world come from the Ukraine and if you go there you will see from the first moment you step off the airplane what I mean, but on with my story….

I must admit that after my divorce (I was married for 26 years) and then the failed relationship with the first Ukrainian girl I met, I was rather disenchanted with the whole dating and meeting women scene. I’m 52 years old now and I thought meeting someone through the internet wouldn’t work for me so I pretty much just gave up on the whole idea that I might find someone again. But while goofing around on the net I did put my profile on a dating site to just see what would happen and good grief I received literally hundreds of emails from women all over Russia and the Ukraine. So I thought what the heck and I replied to a few girls from the Ukraine just to see what would happen. I corresponded with one lady from Chernivtsi and as soon as I could get time off from work we decided to meet. That is when I first came in contact with Maria’s dating service in Chernivitsy. Little did I know at the time how Maria and her staff would be the key ingredient in the recipe for making me the happiest man alive, but that is certainly just what they were…..

I came in contact with Maria’s agency because the girl I was corresponding with was a member and she had Maria write to me to help me arrange everything. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t really think I needed Maria’s help, after all I had already been to the Ukraine eleven times before. I thought about it for a while and decided to use Maria’s help because I had never been to the western part of the Ukraine before and since this girl didn’t speak English well, and I didn’t speak Russian well, it seemed like a good idea to use her translation services for letter writing and phone calls too. It didn’t take me very long to figure out what a good decision that ended up being. Julia works for Maria and she did a wonderful job translating our letters (for free by the way) and also translating our phone conversations for a very reasonable charge as well. At last the time had come for me to travel to meet this girl and my wonderful journey had begun….
I arrived in Kiev on 11 March, a Sunday. My luggage didn’t make the transfer from Amsterdam to Kiev but luckily I had brought one change of clothes with me in my carry on. I was met at the airport by Lubov (Maria’s translator from the agency) and from that moment and until I stepped back on the plane to return home, every need I had was taken care of by Maria and her fine staff. All I had to do was concentrate on the reason I had gone to the Ukraine in the first place. Lubov met me in Kiev with a car and driver and we drove to Chernivtsi that evening and arrived at my waiting apartment about 9 PM. Lubov spoke perfect English and we had a long and wonderful talk on our drive there. Sergey was a very safe and courtious driver and I felt secure and comfortable as his passenger. The next day Lubov met me at noon and we went to meet my girl for lunch and then on to the agency to meet Maria and Julia for the first time. At lunch we made a dinner date for later in the evening and then went to the agency. It was wonderful to meet Maria and Julia face to face and Maria was very concerned about my luggage and said she would take care of it. Before dinner Lubov took me shopping and I bought a few things to tide me over until my own things arrived. At dinner I began to notice that things were not going so well with my girl and I began to see the writing on the wall. Maria had advised me weeks before that perhaps I should write other girls as well just in case something didn’t work between me and this one. I didn’t take Maria’s advice then and I had put all of my eggs in one basket, as they say. After that dinner we decided to meet again the next day for lunch. At lunch the next day I had decided to ask this girl how she thought things were going and it was then that I found out it was going nowhere for us. I decided then to end our meetings and had decided that I would just change my plane tickets and head back home. It was then that Maria and her fine staff changed into high gear. Things became very interesting for me from that point forward. Let me explain….

First of all my luggage arrived from Kiev so that was a good sign. At the agency Maria asked me what I planned to do now and I told her I thought I would just go home. I had never planned to use the services of her dating service to find someone because after six months of correspondence with the first girl I thought I knew what I was doing already. Maria and Lubov insisted that I at least look at her catalog of women desiring to meet someone just to see if perhaps there was someone there that might interest me. I was hesitant at first but decided to have a look. There were so many beautiful woman and so many choices. After my disappointment with the first girl I just didn’t know what to do. I had never tried to meet someone in such a way before. I just didn’t know what to do. Maria and Lubov would not give up on trying to interest me in someone so finally I decided to give it a try. But I just didn’t know how to choose someone. So I decided to let Maria and Lubov choose three girls. After all Lubov knew me better than anyone after spending three days with me so far, and together I thought Maria and Lubov knew the girls anyway so why not? They were hesitant then so I suggested they pick five girls and from those five I would choose three and I would meet those three. They agreed and my special journey truly began then…..

I met all three girls over the next two days. All three were wonderful and delightful to be with. But there was one that as soon as I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine we both felt a very special connection. I decided at our first meeting I would let her do most of the talking and I would just listen. I couldn’t believe how she told me everything I had always wanted to hear a woman say to me. Even Lubov was amazed with the connection we made at our first meeting. I made my choice at dinner that evening and she made hers as well. Maryna walked into my life on 14 March 2007 and found a home in my heart that very same day. I would never have believed it was possible for such a wonderful experience to have happened for me. We spent everyday and as much time as we possibly could together after that. We had wonderful and romantic dinners, we saw beautiful castles, explored beautiful Chernivtsi, we even bought apples for a big brown bear together. Maryna introduced me to her daughter Helen and we also connected very quickly. I never wanted something to go on forever more than I wanted my time with Maryna to last forever then. I have always said that the Ukraine is the most romantic place on earth and it was never proven so much to me than it was with my time there this trip. Lubov took me shopping for Maryna’s ring and after asking her daughters permission I asked Maryna to be my wife and life partner. Her tears of joy were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and that memory brings tears to my own eyes even as I sit here writing this now……..

Before I left to come home Maria had all the paperwork ready for Maryna’s visa application. She even has someone her in the USA to help me with my final preparations. All that is left now is the waiting for Maryna and I to be together for the rest of our lives. If everything goes according to plan then she will become my bride in October of this year. I would have never thought it was possible for something so wonderful to happen to me in such a way……

I want to give my deepest and most heart felt thanks to Maria and her wonderful staff. To Maria, Lubov, Julia and Sergey what more can I say then to say how lucky I was to have met you all. I will never forget you and I will always be thankful for what you have done for me. God Bless You All !!!

In closing let me say to everyone this. In todays world it’s difficult to find a business that truly cares for it’s clients, that go the extra mile to insure your needs are their first priority. Maria’s agency is one that does just that and I could never say enough good things about her care and devotion for bringing two people together. She has my highest reccomendation. I wish her and her staff all the best of everything and to everyone I wish the greatest success in your search for love and haoppiness…. And finally…….

                                   I love you my darling Maryna!!!!!

Mark Skinner, USA (March, 2007)


Maria and Staff,
I would like to share a brief letter about your wonderful help and just how important you were in helping me on my visit to the Ukraine.
Since this was my first visit to your city and working with your agency I had some concerns as anyone would when they travel to meet someone. It is difficult enough worrying about meeting someone you have been writing and arranging flights, a place to stay, traveling around the city, and even where to eat. Maria, you and your staff took the real work of the trip into your hands and allowed me to worry just about the meeting. I am so grateful for all your professional help.
It maybe difficult to understand that traveling to a different country, culture, and using a different language can become a worry. Even sending money through Western Union can be a worry. When I stepped off the plane and saw the driver and translator there waiting my worries faded. My every need was thought of for the travel. The ride was comfortable from Kiev and even though it was late in the evening worries about some thing to eat or drink was considered. Your staff even worried about the type of music I enjoyed for the drive.
Once arriving at the flat and being shown where everything was such a joy to allow me to rest after the flight and drive. Everything was gone over and given every detail of my needs. Since Inga loved flowers and it is impossible to bring flowers on the plane your staff arranged of them at our first meeting. I travel for a large global company and even my staff does not care for me as much as your personal did. Shopping needs, sights to see, restaurants to eat at, banking needs, and even insuring who I was there to see and her comfort was considered.  I am certain that if not for your help and wonderful concern for small details my meeting with Inga would not have gone so smoothly. Even when I wished for last minute changes in where to go was completely met with a smile and done.
In all you and your staff arranged everything in such detail that all I had to do was concern my thoughts to the meeting and just enjoying myself. Your staff is wonderful, caring, and very professional. If all my trips had your agency’s concerns about the details you went through I would never wish to come home.  
If anyone wishes to know about your agency I would be more than happy to answer their questions. It is hard to trust just any company and know they will not only be professional but meet a higher standard than any company or government I have worked with.
I believe because of your help with everything I was able to relax, be myself and enjoy meeting the woman I will spend my entire life with.

Randy Choate, USA (February, 2007)


Hello, I'm Jeremy.  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  It's a nice state in the U.S., with regular people, nothing too exciting.  I was pleasantly introduced to Maria's Dating Agency by accident one day after meeting one of the girls Maria was working with.  I met Tanya, my fiancee several months ago.  We met through a random dating site not affiliated with Maria's agency.  Tanya and I began talking via email and soon realized that we were meant for one another.  Maria introduced herself soon after so that she could help me with meeting Tanya in person.  Without Maria and her agency, this would have been very difficult.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like without the Agency's help.  The interpretation of my fiancee’s letters, the car rides to and from the airport in Ukraine, the apartment rental when I was in Ukraine were all first class service by American standards.  I have worked in business offline, and online for many years.  Maria is by far the most considerate and helpful person I've ever worked with.  Maria conducts herself as if she's running a nonprofit organization to help people.  Yes of course there are fees involved, but who would expect the agency to run for free!  I wouldn't.  After months of writing several times per week with my fiancee Tanya and talking on the phone twice per week, I booked my trip to Ukraine.  I left to meet my love on December 26th 2007.  I'll never forget the day.  The anticipation was high, my nerves were shot.  I had about 24 hours of traveling ahead of me with all of the lay overs.  I was nervous about my arrival in Ukraine.  Naturally, I had never been to Ukraine so I was just nervous about the ordeal.  But that didn't matter because all that mattered was to meet Tanya, and Maria took much of the fear out of me with her assurances, which all of them were true.  I arrived in the airport, got through security, and there was Tanya and Julia the interpreter waiting for me.  It was an amazing moment for Tanya and I.  Finally we had closed the gap that separated us for so long.  But as for the agency, I was very happy that Tanya was there, with the interpreter, and the driver.  They drove me to the grocery store, the driver lent me money for food because I didn't have the Ukrainian currency, then they drove me to my apartment.  They all came inside and got me settled for the evening.  It was very late at this time.  The next day and every day thereafter, Tanya and I were together as we had wished for.  The interpreter was available as much or as little as I desired.  Julia the interpreter was invaluable, and we used her much of the time.  Tanya and I were comfortable around Julia and did not shy away from affection.  I left Ukraine on January 4th 2008.  It was a sad day for me.  Being in Ukraine was the best experience of my life.  If it wasn't for Maria's agency and her employee Julia, and her driver, I don't know if I could say that everything would have been perfect.  Surely, between Tanya and I things would have been fine, but the logistics of meeting my, now fiancee, were so perfectly executed by Maria.  Still to this day, I am working with Maria on Tanya's Visa, and working with Julia as an interpreter.  They are a marvelous group and I think if anyone is spectacle, they should just throw that out the window.  If you don't believe me, just ask me, I'd be glad to speak with anyone personally about my experience.  I have provided Maria with my contact information if you'd like to email or chat anytime.  It would be my pleasure to help anyone enjoy life the way I have been able to through Maria's agency and meeting of my beautiful and magical fiancee Tanya.
Thanks for listening, lose your inhibitions, and go with your heart, Maria will take care of the logistics, don't worry.

Jeremy Newell,
Pennsylvania, USA (January 2008)


Dear Maria,
I want to with this letter extend my thanks and appreciation for the services and standard that the dating agency Dating Ukraine stands for. It is really nice to know that there are true and still good meaning people out there that aren’t only out to take advantage of people that are looking for true happiness in life.
I have through your agency I am happy to say, received nothing but good experiences and a great connection to a woman that I can truly love and am engaged to.
I really do believe that you have done your homework on making sure that the women that you represent are sincere and well meaning individuals that do actually want to create a happy future for themselves and their soul mate.
Upon coming to the Ukraine I had straight off felt welcome and received the help that I needed to feel that I was relaxed.
You were right, I want to say, in seeing the connection between me and the woman that I came to see. You could see that this was right and looked good. Your certainty had also made it easier for me to know that I was appreciated by you and your agency and least of all also I am happy to say fiancée.
The service your agency supplies with interpreter services is great and I cannot extend my thanks enough for this help. Not only is the service of translating accurate and fast, it is also good in the sense that I really felt that I was being helped by an individual that wanted to help me and my fiancée find each other. Also she helped me good in learning a little about the customs and ways of dealing properly with a woman in the Ukraine, this was invaluable help.
Also the service you provide of correspondence between me and Tetiana has been invaluable. I know that without this service it wouldn’t have been possible for me to feel this quick and instant connection to the woman that I came to see. I feel that the letters were communicated to my woman properly and what I really felt made the whole thing real and true to begin with, is the fact that actually all of the questions that one might have asked in the letters are then actually properly responded to, this made it feel real and not like there is somebody that doesn’t understand English on the other end. So thank you. Julia, I know you are the seldom seen and heard part of the services provided, but thank you for a good job.
And finally also a personal thanks to you Maria. You provide a good and excellent service that truly helps men and woman from different parts of the world find true happiness in the embrace of each other. I wish you and your agency the greatest possible success in the future.
Please keep the services provided personal and real, makes all the difference in the world!!!!

Bjorn Christjorn, Denmark (July 2008)


There is a heaven after all! It's in a small city in Southwest Ukraine called Chernivtsy. Maria, an angel, coordinates meetings between like minded, serious commitment seeking men and women from different parts of the world. With her are a talented and dedicated staff of interpreters, translators, drivers and assistants who combine to make the experience of finding a partner for life one that is only exceeded by the feeling that comes with actually finding that person.

It started with a phone call and emails and patience to ensure an initial comfort level that allowed me to book the flight and take the leap of faith necessary to trust a perfect stranger. Heaven was a flight and a car ride away. Once there, after checking into the hotel and meeting Maria and her staff, I knew I was in good hands. I was safe and on my way to the life I always wanted. I met several women. They were all fantastic and they all would have made a fantastic partner. I met one, however, that made my knees weak and sent my heart in a different direction than it had ever been before. Natalia was the "Miss Right" I had always wanted but never found. After a week of getting to know each other I left with a new sense of purpose and meaning that I knew would grow as time passed.

When I arrived at home something was missing. I had pictures of the places that I visited and memories made possible by a gracious host. Most of all I had someone to share my life with. We talk via email or by sms or phone almost every day now. Soon we will be together. I plan to return within the next several months to continue what was started in that first phone call to Maria, the angel from Chernivtsy. With luck, hard work and a little help from above heaven can be a little bigger when Natalia and I are together.

Thank you Maria.

Jonathan, Pennsylvania, USA (October 2008)


How to meet and marry a genuine Princess
My name is Steve Thornley ,44, and have just returned from a trip to Chevnitsi in Southwestern Ukraine where i have met and got engaged to the Princess of my dreams.
I contacted Maria at the agency and wrote for 3 or 4 months to a lady named Nataliya. I then arranged to meet with Nataliya in her home town. Maria arranged everything, in fact all i arranged was the flight. The apartment that Maria arranged was close to all amenities. The apartment was clean ,spacious
and a very reasonable price. I was met at the airport by an English speaking driver and drove to the apartment in about 3 to 4 hours, he even bought the coffee on the drive! He was absolutely marvellous. I also had a car and driver everyday which was cheap and essential. Trying to find your way around if you don't speak Russian, is not a good idea. But take so Ukrainian money for the first day or so, although there are lots of ATM's and banks, but most places do not take credit cards. I think it something that Ukrainian people have yet to discover.

I had a super translator everyday for my stay. Cat was instrumental in getting things done, and telling me how things are done in the ukraine. It was her who
basically made me decided that Nataliya was who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you Cat.
We went on a couple of trips outside of the city which Maria arranged, no problem. In fact if you want anything arranged just ask Maria. Or she can advise on any thing that you could possibly need. We went into the hills and saw animals and the countryside, and an excellent lunch. Because i am a chef the food was an important part of my visit. Ukrainian food is pretty much the same as English Country food. There is a lot of chance to eat salads and vegetables, mixed with delicious meat and fish and although i personally did not eat desserts i could see they looked very good. The coffee is good too.
I cannot praise Maria, Cat Sergey and the team at Dating ukraine enough. They are professional and get things done and all at a fair price. this a genuine agency that wants to help people make the most of their lives together. Mine lady even comes with a compliment son, Denis.
So if you want to meet a Princess of your dreams drop Maria a line and take a trip to Chevnitsi and let them find you one. Maria makes it all so easy.

Stephen Thornley, UK (April 2009)


I visited Chernivsti the first week of July, 2009.† I stayed on a cobblestone pedestrian street with picturesque European apartments, and four delicious sidewalk cafes in my block alone, not to mention a tennis club where I played one day.† It's unbelievable by American architectural standards.† Gates in the facade lead to apartments and courtyards with trees and flowers in the back of the streetfront buildings.† People are milling about at nearly all hours, in groups or as singles.† The people are well dressed, the ladies often wearing heels and coctail skirts.† I felt completely safe walking alone in all parts of the city.† One evening I took a five mile jog.

There are parks, gardens or other open spaces every few blocks, always with people in them.† I stumbled onto a free outdoor concert the first evening.† There is a large wooded park nearby, with a huge amusement park within it, so bring your kids if you have some, or invite your date to bring hers.† While most things are within walking distance, a cab ride across town is only a couple of bucks.† You can buy anything by pointing to it, and reading the amount from whatever register or calculator the store clerk is using.† Many restaurants have English menus.

At a bank or phone store you can ask for an English speaking clerk.† There is one bank that cashes travelers checks.† Your guide and translator will tell you which one.† If you have told your credit card company you will be traveling to Ukraine, you will be able to get either US or Ukrainian money at any of the convenient ATMs located along the street everywhere, including in the airport.

My guide showed up at 11 each morning and left at 8 in the evening and was very friendly and efficient, but I also spent much time milling about on my own.† Definitely spend a few hours learning the Russian or the Ukrainian alphabet before you come (either one) as it will enable you to read street and business signs.† Many words and names are the same as in English, but you would not realize this unless you know, for example, that "P" sounds like "R."† You should also learn pa-zhal-sta and spa-cee-ba (please and thank you).† But if you learn more than that be prepared to really speak it, because store clerks will assume you are a native.† :D

Write to more than one girl, because you never know what might happen.† Either of you may take one look in person and think "nyet!" no matter how many love letters you have exchanged.† Or destiny may intervene.† The main girl I was writing had a family medical emergency and I only saw her the first day.† This left me hanging around with my charming guide for a couple of days before other appointments could be scheduled, as most of the girls have jobs or other obligations.† Be careful not to fall for your guide.† This would be easy to do because she is there to feed and entertain you every day and is very charming, but this is her job and you will be disappointed.

Be careful not to schedule too many automobile trips as I did.† The larger fortress is worth one trip, and the ski area is worth a trip (to ski in winter or to hike in summer).† Don't let every girl take you out of the city to eat.† They like to do that, but you are stuck, and there is really nothing to do but eat.† Eat in the city.† There are many beautiful parts of the city.† And after each meal walk around with your date and see the sights and talk.† These were the most enjoyable dates I had, and the best for getting to know someone.

Get your phone unlocked and buy a SIM card after you get there.† You can get a prepaid SIM card with an hour a day of talk time for about ten bucks.† It also will call back to your home country much cheaper than your own SIM card will.† Don't plan on buying any clothes there, as they cost the same as everywhere else in the world.† Forget fast food, there is none there.† They have pizza, but it is not very good.† Gormet restaurants are so cheap, just eat in them.† Portions are reasonable, not oversized like in the US.† There was also a buffeteria I ate at one day for lunch near Maria's that I thought was very good.

They call Chernivsti "the little Paris" for good reason.† See my pictures at http://mythaiekal.shutterfly.com/1238 .† The climate in summer is mild and air conditioning is neither used nor needed.† What they call rain we call a light sprinkle.† There were one or two mosquitoes, not many.† Just turn the light off if you open a window.† And oh yeah, very important, for Ukrainians a washcloth is a personal item like a toothbrush, so bring your own!† That's all I can think of.† Enjoy your trip!

Robert Shuler, USA (July 2009)


My visit to Chernivtsy in September of 2009 was a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I had decided to search for my wife in Eastern Europe after meeting so many wonderful Eastern European women in Canada. By a chance of fate I accidently found Maria and the excellent service she operates in Chernivtsy.
My experience in the Ukraine started at the airport where I was greeted by a professional and courteous driver provided by Maria. He accommodated my needs and brought me safely to my temporary home in Chernivtsy. My home was a typical apartment in the Ukraine, allowing me to understand the situation these wonderful people of Ukraine experience each day, while modest by Canadian standards it was safe, quiet, comfortable, clean and more than adequate. In addition it was situated close to Mariaís office and near all the necessities I would need on my trip including groceries, banks, parks, shopping, and everything you will need. Maria communicated directly with me within moments of arriving in the Ukraine and made sure all my needs were cared for until the interpreter/guide met me in the morning. During my visit I had the fortune of utilizing two interpreters/guides; both of which were near flawless in their English communications, polite and knowledgeable on the local attractions, restaurants and the services I would require. These two wonderful young women both helped make my holiday a wonderful experience. I have used the term holiday many times thus far because that was the reason I came, to have a relaxing holiday and if while enjoying my trip I met the woman of my dreams that would be a huge bonus.

After corresponding with one wonderful woman for several months she chose to stay in the Ukraine and be near her family, a decision I was happy she made before moving abroad. I want my future wife to be happy in her environment and with her decision. Maria and her team through my letters were able to understand the type of person I am and Maria recommended several women for me to correspond with. All of the women in Mariaís service are interviewed and screened by Maria and her staff ensuring that regardless of which woman you choose you will be getting a wonderful person with a great character.

I did find another woman who was beautiful, smart and posses many characteristics I seek in a wife. We wrote to each other for many weeks but for whatever reason she and I did not have the same connection we enjoyed through our correspondence, I was disappointed but knew that was a risk. Maria quickly mobilized her team and arranged several meetings within hours. I doubted that this method would work better than weeks of correspondence however Maria knows her job and knows both her male and female clients well and does an excellent job matching couples. During the next two days I met three more women any of which would make a wonderful wife; they were beautiful, smart, polite and eager to meet. None of the women I met are willing to compromise their principals in order to live abroad and enjoy a better life for themselves and their family. These wonderful women want to find love, they are not here to find a meal ticket or to take advantage of you so relax, let Maria match you up and just enjoy some great company and have a good time.

To my surprise one of these women occupied my mind nonstop for two days after our short meeting. I was delighted to hear that she too was very excited about our meeting and wanted to meet again. We met two more times and I am fortunate that this wonderful woman and I are hopeful we will become husband and wife soon, first we need to get to know each other a bit. We are both very happy and that we found each other and are now planning our next holiday together and write to each other often. I owe this successful encounter to the excellent job that Maria and her staff do. I am a reserved person and donít usually act too quickly on issues as important as meeting a women who will be my wife for the rest of my life, however this terrific woman has changed my life for the better and I enjoy each day of our new relationship. I believe that within 6 months we will both be in a position to make a decision if we want this to become a permanent union.

My advice to you is to remember that finding love is hard; thatís why youíre on this website in the first place. Get to know Maria and more importantly let her get to know you and listen to her recommend of whom you should correspond with and meet. Do write more than one woman but make sure
 you are honest with them. Donít waste your money or time with those websites that charge for each letter, they make more money if you donít find love. Maria only makes money if you find the woman of your dreams. The last thing is, donít come here to find a woman, come here to holiday, have a good time and let the women find you. Enjoy your visit.

Jeff Scott, Canada (September 2009)


My name is Knut. I come from Norway. It was spring 2009. I dreamed about getting to know a good woman who was family oriented and wanted a lasting and romantic relationship. Although I was sceptical, I decided to search for my dream woman through the internet. I signed up. Through Dating Ukraine I came quickly in contact with Olesia from Chernovtsy, Ukraine. This beautiful girl turned out to be my great love.

We wrote many letters before I went to Chernovtsy to meet her. Ukraine was a new and unknown country for me. I did not speak the language, so the challenges were many. Olesia and I became very enamored with each other. We wanted both to develop the relationship. Olesia started with intensive instruction in English. After approximately 2 months we could talk together without the help of an interpreter. We gave each other also the strongest confirmation that we wanted to be a couple and stay together in the future. We were engaged. Over the past year there have been many visits to her in Ukraine. From Norway, I had daily communication with her via SMS, on Skype or telephone. We had a summer holiday in the Crimea. We visited the capital city Kiev many times. She has taken me to her family and friends, and made me familiar with her hometown. Olesia is originally from Kazakhstan and has family in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. Together with her grandmother, we visited family in Bishkek. We travelled on to Kazakhstan, where Olesia got a new birth certificate with apostil. The certificate was required in connection with her application for a visa to Norway. Almost one year after we got to know each other, Olesia was granted six months of work and residence permit in Norway. I went with her to Norway in spring 2010.
This wonderful story tells how Olesia and I found each other and had the opportunity to develop our love. This would not have been possible without all the professional help we received from Maria and her talented staff in Dating Ukraine. She arranged for road transport to and from the airport in Kiev, accommodation in Chernovtsy, excursions and other daily activities in the city. Agency's interpretation was put at my disposal as much as I wanted. One of the interpreters, Lina, was also a skilled language teacher. She undertook to teach Olesia in English. Private lessons gave quick results. Maria and her aides gave me useful advice and guidance, and also helped me with practical doings. Prices of agency services are very low compared to Western European levels. My impression is that it is Maria's strong desire to help other people to a better life that is the driving force in her work, not high profits. I have full confidence in Maria and the services of her agency. I can give her and Dating Ukraine my best recommendations. Thank you Maria for all your help!

Knut Aarnes, Norway (2010)


I met the woman of my dreams, Svetlana, with some help from Dating Ukraine in Chernivtsi, Ukraine recently. I was well pleased with all of the services provided by this service: Interpreter, email, driver, interpreting phone calls, arranging introductions, and providing accomadations. My documents were prepared well and translations were acurrate and neat. Maria's expertise and consistent, wise guidance was extremely helpful in all areas from logistics to relationship to cultural.
But the experience wouldn't be complete without the wonderful ladies of Ukraine. At 59, I now have an unbelievable love in my life with Svetlana. She is beautiful, poised and complete in her character to become a precious, affectionate wife for me. Ukraine is a step back in time in the attitudes of their women. Foremost priority in their lives is to be a faithful, passionate, devoted wife, mother and keeper of the home. Their attentiveness to their man and their natural beauty makes them very desirable to men from everywhere. The only requirements that each of them have of her man is that he be responsible, clean, kind, and not abusive physically or verbally, that he appreciates her. It sounds easy, it is. I've never felt so loved.

Roy Bear, USA (2010)


I am extremely happy and grateful for the services that Datingukraine.net provides. Maria and all her staff are professional and offer exemplary customer service. From the time I landed to the time I boarded the plan for home, I was accompanied by the company's excellent interpreters and driver when I needed them. Maria gave me detailed itineraries for each day, and her attention to detail relieved any anxiety I had and allowed me to enjoy the time I had with my date. Maria frequently checked to see how our relationship was going, and her advice was very helpful. The accommodations were very pleasant, comfortable, and convenient to popular locations. I am extremely happy with my new date, and I look forward to returning to Chernivtsi and using Datingukraine.net to spend more time with her in the spring. At first, I was apprehensive about using a dating service since there are so many scams, but I'm so glad that I used this company. I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking a quality dating firm that offers personalized service to help one find a life-long soul mate.

Eric Mathis, USA (December 2011)


I’d like to say what an excellent job Maria does in putting the trip together. I was a little concerned about the whole trip before leaving but she really put my mind at ease. I didn’t choose the best time to go to Ukraine, in the winter time, as there was a lot of snow. Firstly I’d like to say thank you to the driver, who greeted me nicely at the airport and was really friendly. There was a lot of ice on the roads and he drove very safely and didn’t take any unnecessary risks. I was very impressed with the apartment. It was much nicer than I expected. It was also much larger and very spacious with excellent facilities. Upon arrival the cleaners had just finished cleaning it. There are some excellent trips/excursions available, which Maria puts together, including a driver, which really takes the hassle out of making arrangements oneself. Maria was very supportive and happy to take calls or text messages from me at anytime on any day to answer any questions that I had or to sort out any concerns. Due to weather conditions on my return home, driving to Kiev was just not an option and Maria made all the arrangements for me to get a flight from a local airport to Kiev, and from there I took a flight back to the U.K. I’d have to say that Maria really had at heart to make the trip as smooth as possible for me and to make it as pleasurable as possible. I’d highly recommend her services.

André, Eastbourne U.K. (2012)